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Milan Hotel Project by Patricia Urquiola

Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be showing you a project by Patricia Urquiola where she designed the interior of a Milan Hotel, Mate Giulia, with a mishmash of colorful furniture in her signature modern geometric style. Influenced by Mid-century Italian designer furniture, this hotel is simply gorgeous, and besides our usual bedroom tour, we’ll also be showing some of the other divisions in the house. Open your eyes and senses to this beautiful Milan Hotel Project by Patricia Urquiola.

patricia urquiola

Just before we dive into the beautiful hotel rooms, we had to set the mood for this whole interior showing the main lobby and living room. The color palettes are varied and beautiful, and the mix of influences is kept together by Patricia Urquiola’s impeccable taste.

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On dream this bedroom we can see Patricia Urquiola’s sheer creative power, as the green tones are set apart by the beautiful mosaic going from the ceiling all the way to half the wall. There’s a prevalence of colorful fixtures such as wall lamps, gray curtains and beautiful sea green pillows that elevate this bedroom design into an art form.

This next bedroom inspiration is another take on the one we’ve seen previously. The green walls give place to a serene blue tone that combines with a gorgeous desk and armchair while the seductive red pillow watches from afar. Excellent design.

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Let’s finish in a different tone with this seating area in one of the rooms. Take a look at that gorgeous armchair that watches over the spacious closet, joined by a couple of sleek center tables that provide this area with a feeling of openness and space.

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