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Breathtaking Mirrors for Refined Master Bedrooms

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well, that we can’t answer, for the wisdom of the mirror is well beyond our reach, but today we’ll inspire you in your search for the perfect master bedroom mirror so you end up with one worthy enough to be asking that question.

masterbedroom collection boca do lobo
Besides being truthful advisors in children’s tales, Mirrors are also a common theme in paintings and architecture and a major representation of vanity in renaissance art. In practical terms, when expertly placed in Master Bedrooms mirrors are a sure way to make your room look bigger, as they create the illusion of space, a trick as old as magic itself. They can also be used as the focal point in a room, the center of attention and some can even be considered either statements or works of art, but be sure you have them facing the right direction for all their splendor is highlighted by their own surroundings.

Today we’ll be going through the most breathtaking mirrors, those that will make your master bedroom shine like never before, with a selection of handcrafted luxurious pieces that will turn enhance you and everything around you.

glance mirror boca do lobo
Glance Mirror

Filigree Mirror

Louis XVI mirror master bedroom boca do lobo
Louis XVI Mirror

Marie Antoinette Mirror Boca do Lobo
Marie Antoinette Mirror

Picaddilly Boca do Lobo
Picadilly Mirror

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ring boca do lobo
Ring Wall Mirror

Vence Wall Mirror

Apollo Mirror

Haiku Round Mirror

Addicta Mirror 

Boca do Lobo Virtual Experience

That’s it for today, we will be back tomorrow with more Master Bedroom inspirations and ideas, but while you’re here you may…

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