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Modern Armchair Designs by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish furniture and interior designer. Her works include commercial, hospitality, and residential projects, as well as product designs such as modern armchair pieces, tables, sofas, carpets, etc.

Patricia’s incredible talent and unique approach to creativity are difficult to reject. Her every work sparks with elegance and exquisiteness, especially the wide selection of seating products. And this is what we would like to focus on today; the modern armchairs by wonderful Patricia Urquiola.


Back Wing modern armchair

A comfy and generous armchair that conveys grace and sophistication will become a perfect addition to your master bedroom design. Its ergonomic backrest will gently embrace your body, making you feel relaxed and peaceful.



Bergere, with the traditional forms that were slightly updated, will make a strong statement in any bedroom interior. The high back will cover you like a fortress, building a safe place for you to rest. The armchair is available in both leather and fabric finishes with contrasting border trims, giving variations on how to match it with other bedroom furniture pieces.


Husk modern armchair

modern armchair

Welcoming you like a comfy cloud thanks to its ergonomic cushions, this contemporary armchair will be an ideal option for your refined bedroom. Its textural softness and calmness of the tone create a pleasant ambiance that you will want to dive in.


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Lilo modern armchair

The Lilo armchair sends the references to Scandinavian style. Indeed, the robust wooden frame and artful combination of tones into color blocks remind of Scandinavian approach to minimalism and simplicity. Not only the delicate appearance is the decisive factor here, but also the high functionality of the chair: its upholstered sides provide maximum intimacy for everyone who sits there.


Clarissa armchairs

The Clarissa, another family of armchairs by Patricia Urquiola, has a contemporary design and characteristic geometric shape of the shell. Moreover, the wide range of colors available is one more reason to pay attention to the collection.


Foliage modern armchair

Foliage armchair has a soft personality that conducts a dialogue between artificial and natural within it.  This item can easily become a centerpiece in your interior and be appreciated from all sides which are equally great.


Gender modern armchair

With its complex creative structure, Gender armchair is truly one of a kind – a piece that is worth your attention.


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