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Modern Bedroom Designs by Sarah Lavoine

Bedrooms are center rooms in our homes, aren’t they? A beautiful modern bedroom interior can improve the feeling of the whole apartment. Therefore, it is highly important that you address this aspect with due diligence. And we will help you with that by reviewing projects of one of the most successful designers – Sarah Lavoine.

Sarah Lavoine is a talented French interior designer who skillfully transforms different spaces such as private homes, hotels, and restaurants. Her characteristic style is mixing origins and combining comfort with elegance – a real embodiment of her Parisian spirit. Sarah has launched her own interior design studio Maison Sarah Lavoine in 2002 – a brand that has now more than 15 years of experience and is internationally recognized.


Modern bedroom in the center of Paris

The harmony in this master bedroom design was artfully created through a combination of colors and textures. You should definitely add those pink furniture pieces and matching cushions to your home décor ideas!


Modern bedroom with a wooden wall

What a nice way of welcoming elements of nature into the bedroom interior! Wooden wall with contrasting shelves in it gives this room both a modern industrial and calm natural look.


A bright modern bedroom

Calm, comfortable, and light – this is how the perfect bedroom should look like! And this project is a great example of such. Wooden planking on the roof adds some vintage feeling and intensifies the coziness of the room.


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Modern bedroom designs for hotels

These bedroom interiors are somewhat similar in design elements and colors. Nonetheless, each of them affects you in its own way. Modern design here is exactly what it represents – overall simplicity and minimalism yet the existence of interesting details, mix of shapes and colors, and functionality. You should add these interiors to your list of bedroom ideas!


Bedroom in the countryside house

modern bedroom

This bedroom’s colors blow like a wind of freedom, inviting you to relaxation mode. We also love the simple and contemporary furniture, especially the mirror with rough edges.


Modern bedroom for a family house

Although painted in black, this room manages to convey lightness and comfort. Do not be scared to use dark tones – you see that they can be wonderfully injected into the interior.


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