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Modern Bedroom Furniture and Decor Pieces by Driade

Driade is a furniture brand that has roots back to 1968. Its aesthetics and elegant harmony have already impressed and inspired everyone. Therefore, today we decided to review some of the best bedroom furniture pieces by this creative and experienced brand.


Bedroom furniture: beds

bedroom furniture

If you want to live like a king or queen in a palace but do not know what to start from, you should definitely pay attention to this grand bedroom furniture piece! It creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication – just something you might have been looking for.

modern bed should be like this one: minimalistic and graceful, with an interesting touch, in this case – a curved soft headboard.


Bedroom furniture: armchairs

What a great modern armchair! We fell in love with its interesting shape that might seem usual at first but then unfolds like a flower petal and eventually shows all its beauty.

A transaction from classic to contemporary design is made through this armchair. Its elegance and exquisiteness yet coziness and comfort will be a wonderful addition to any bedroom setting.

We can already feel the warmth and softness of this armchair’s embrace. It will cover like a gentle cloud, hiding you from the outside world.


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Soleil Chair 


Bedroom furniture: cabinets

Do not be scared to choose bright and colorful bedroom furniture! An ideal option would be this Ziqqurat cabinet. Available in different colors and consisting of few boxes that can be organized in various ways depending on your space, this piece is truly versatile and easy-to-match with other items.


Bedroom decor: mirrors

Why have only one mirror if you can create a set of few ones? For instance, this series of three mirrors with irregular shapes that remind outlines of some islands will perfectly finalize your bedroom interior. You can also use them separately or in different combination and in this way, write your own story.

As both a mirror and a photograph of the known Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, this item has clearly become an artpiece with a certain mission – to show the relation between design and photography.


Bedroom lighting

This suspension lamp resembles a group of soap bubbles that stick together. The concept adds lightness and naivety to the whole master bedroom design. Moreover, the light is distributed gradually, creating a magical ambiance. We are sure this lamp will be a wonderful match for your bedroom furniture.


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