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Modern Bedroom Interior Ideas by AD Top 200 Design Influencers

AD Germany has recently published its Top 200 design influencers list. It consists of furniture, fashion, and interior designers, as well as other creative minds that have an impact on the world of design. Today we would like to review modern bedroom interior ideas by some of those top 200 masters.


Bedroom interior ideas by Pierre Yovanovitch

Wood has always been in trends and therefore, incorporating it in your bedroom interior might become a nice solution. This is what an interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch did in few of his projects. Authentic materials are often a point of focus for Pierre. They indeed send some breath of freedom and nature. Wood is the best one to do so. You could either add one wooden bedroom furniture piece or go even further and use it for walls and floor as well.


Bedroom interior by Studio Shamshiri

Studio Shamshiri is another design entity that was featured in the Top 200 list by AD magazine. Founded in 2016 by Shamshiri siblings, this studio has since been creating interesting and original hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. For instance, this bedroom in calm terracotta color welcomes with its comfort and somewhat retro feeling. However, a modern nightstand and table lamp also show contemporary design features.


Bedroom ideas by Sigmar

Sigmar is a studio in London that works with historical design and interiors. Every their project demonstrates a perfect balance between modern furniture and vintage details, eventually presenting a wonderful game of styles.


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Bedroom interior by Rose Uniacke

Elegance is often the best solution for your master bedroom design. Just like in this interior project by Rose Uniacke, elegance will bring in some lightness and exquisiteness into your place.


Bedroom interior by Fiona Lynch

Fiona Lynch has an inventive and creative approach to interior design – a fact that makes her well worth of being in AD Top 200 list. She has a talent for finding unique modern pieces and combining them in one place.


Bedroom design by Retrouvius

Maria Speake, a founder of Retrouvius, believes in the power of high-quality materials and designs. It can also be traced in the interior works of the studio. You can feel the freshness and easiness that is conveyed through each element.


Bedroom interior by Patricia Urquiola

bedroom interior

A Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is known for her ability to masterfully combine colors, textures, and styles. This bedroom interior is the perfect manifestation of it.


Bedroom interior by Vincent Van Duysen

Such urban loft approach that is created by Vincent van Duysen might be something you have been searching for!


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