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Modern Interior Design Styles: Pop Design for Bedroom

As an art movement with roots in 50’s Britain and later in the United States, Pop Art seeks to clash with fine art by the inclusion of the visual aesthetic of today with news, iconic imagery and advertisements being used. Materials are removed from context and mashed with contrasting ones. Colors are bright and can be overwhelming, and you should choose a mixture of bright colors that pop and neutrals to even the whole design out. Items like minimalist furniture, wall art and mid-century lighting should be used to accomplish this style. With the introductions made, let’s dive into some Modern Interior Design Styles: Pop Design for Bedroom.

pop design for bedroom
Great use of Pop Design for Bedroom with a lot of color, different items, a gorgeous teal chandelier and a classical 50’s pink chair.

This amazing bedroom is filled with sensory overload, as the mixing of colors and different elements blend together in a great example of pop design for bedroom.

Colorful bedroom design where the colors are mixed with neutral grey tones to achieve the perfect balance. Gorgeous futuristic nightstand complete the look

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This bedroom is everywhere, There’s a contemporary art rug, a gorgeous mid-century yellow sofa, pictures on the wall, a reinterpretation of Andy Warhol’s work and papers pinned to form a chandelier. Nobody said pop design for bedroom was easy.

With a strong presence of white and blue, probably wonder woman’s bedroom.

Serene bedroom design with a wall fixture with Jackie O. where white tones dominate.

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For those who follow the rainbow, here’s a cool 70’s sports inspired bedroom where bedroom textiles match with the over-the-bed wall. Not going to be easy to match once you change the blanket, but gladly that’s not our problem 🙂

Serene bedroom in white where the pop is on the pillow patterns, sunflowers, and colorful art. Pop design for bedroom doesn’t get more simple, and charming, than this.

Serene bedroom in grey, white and yellow with a thin pop design influence. Overall a great restrained bedroom look.

Let’s finish with this gorgeus contemporary bedroom with neutrals and little punches of color here and there, overlooked by a pair of careful eyes.

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