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7 Modern Master Bedrooms – Black and White Edition

Black and White  styled bedrooms are in the vanguard of modern master bedrooms. So today we’ll show you 7 examples where this style provides a luxurious modern look.

Black Walls

It could be difficult to imagine a black wall as a nice feature to your bedroom, but it can be just the right choice. When it’s combined with a bright accent color, graphic prints and eclectic accessories, the resulting look is bold, clean and modern.

Black and White - Perfect Accent

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Like wallpaper, stripes can be used to create an instant focal point. For example, the striped drapes make a beautiful balance between the oversized window and the bedroom.

Black and White - Stripe It Rich


When you have a colorful bedroom, the best way to cool it down is to use more neutral items and pieces to balance the overall style, providing a more harmonious look.

Study in Contrasts


Using pattern in your decoration has to be a carefully thought because it can overwhelm the space. Choosing a simple Black and White palette tones down the wallpaper’s impact, making a beautiful space without distracting the overall design.

Black & White - Pattern Play

Defining Details

When you choose a black and white bedroom, it isn’t just shoving furniture and décor, you have to find the right combination. You have to pay attention to the little details that will provide a soothing feeling inside your room.

Defining Details

Focal Point

Although, if you really want to use bold black-and-white wallpaper, that’s okay too. If you have the intention of making it your focal point, using a non-headboard bed and some items matching the same style, drapes, pillows, you can pull it off. Also, very important, balance the adjacent walls with a warm white colour.

Focal Point

Black Illusion

Another thing to consider, regarding black walls, is that it can be used to make a room feel larger because it blurs the visual edges of the room. Just think of the night sky, which has a sense of infinite space.

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Black and White Space Expander

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