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Modern Nightstands that Will Amaze You

A bedroom is one of the most important places for us since we always return to our “havens” in search of comfort. Therefore, every element, every piece of furniture or home decor in it plays a significant role, and bedside table is not an exclusion. It can become that item that your bed, and thus, your whole bedroom interior has missed. Be prepared to add these modern nightstands to your master bedroom ideas.


Palmer bedside table by Arhaus

modern nightstands

Founded in 1986, Arhaus has since then been creating high quality, unique furniture pieces, and this nightstand is a confirmation to it. Palmer’s practical functionality greatly combines with its minimalistic lines and somewhat industrial style.


Modern nightstands by Boca do Lobo

modern nightstands

It feels that this Frank nightstand came straight out of a surreal world. The mixture of materials and colors will blow your mind. Moreover, it also remains practical so you will definitely find enough space there to store your personal belongings.


This example of modern nightstands is what your master bedroom design needs. Its resemblance to a freshly cracked stone and exquisite details made it a luxury furniture piece of international desire.  


Boezio bedside table by Miotto

Boezio nightstand has all the features of contemporary furniture; it is interesting and creative yet not overloaded with details. You will fall in love with its grey mirrored glass material and futuristic look.


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White modern nightstands

If your bedroom interior is painted in calm tones, this white nightstand will be a perfect addition to it. Light colors always add a sense of lightness and purity.


Abaco by Arravanti

You could consider that this piece of modern nightstands is simple. However, its original vertical inserts and contemporary design do not let you think so.


Ninfea by Baxter

Available in two colors, Ninfea bedside table can convey different feelings. You might want a rather rough look with the black tone, or a softer one with light color.


Swift by Cappellini

These wooden bedside tables can be ordered in three different sizes, also functioning as a chest of drawers.


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