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10 Modern Rooms by Famous Interior Designers

Let’s take a look at what the best interior designers are doing in the master bedroom department, a room whose ever-changing aesthetic comes and goes as every trend gets saturated and disappears. These are some of the best modern rooms you can find by designers such as Neal Beckstedt, Timothy Godbold, Shamir Shah, Shawn Henderson and Meyer Davis in sharp contemporary style. Join us and discover 10 Modern Rooms by Famous Interior Designers.

modern roomWest Chelsea Bedroom by Neal Beckstedt Studio

Beautiful modern room with simple straight lines, modern furniture, sleek bedside table and a pair of bedroom chairs that look flawless together.

Grey Bedroom by Timothy Godbold

A stunning combination of gray elements that look stunning together in a chic, contemporary bedroom design.

Bond Street Bedroom by Shawn Henderson

A sleek modern room with a touch of purple and a gorgeous brutalist chandelier in gold.

New York Bedroom by Shamir Shah

A Beautiful modern room that features a beautifully textured rug, contemporary armchair and a beautiful pattern on the back wall.

Nob Hill Bedroom by Eric Cohler

A dark modern room in eclectic style featuring varied elements and a metallic canopy bed.

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Charming Bedroom by Meyer Davis

A contemporary bedroom with old elements in white, black and gray by Meyer Davis.


A gorgeous modern room in black, white and wood with a slight oriental vibe.

Contemporary bedroom by Dineen Architecture

The charming gold chandelier is the star of the show on this modern master bedroom.

Shelter Haven Home by Michael Haverland

A modern room in gray with a  beautiful seaside view and yellow modern furniture that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Chicago Bedroom, by Meyer Davis

Let’s finish with this sharp contemporary bedroom in Chicago with a prime view over the city.

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