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Modern Side Table Designs to Finalize Your Bedroom Interior

Are you wondering how to complement the contemporary armchair in your bedroom interior? We would advise adding a modern side table next to it! It will beautify and finalize the setting. Let’s review some of the best ideas for those side tables. We are sure you will love them just as much as we did!


Side tables by Eric Schmitt

Unusual forms, contemporary design, strong statement – this is everything you will most probably find in Eric Schmitt’s works. Every his new item sparks with creativity and some magic that drives you to admire his pieces of art and eventually, desire to add them to your interior design as well.


Modern side table by Boca do Lobo

modern side table

A Stonehenge side table derived inspiration from the eponymous monument. The marble base has a decor object above that is positioned asymmetrically. Such asymmetry, together with a wonderful contrast of colors and materials, is an interesting touch to this elegant bedroom furniture piece.


Modern side table by Eponimo

The stone side table designed by Federico Carandini has a striking central hole that adds lightness and dynamics to the whole shape. If you want to enrich your bedroom interior with balance and harmony, this is the right item to do so. It would be best to complement the table with some modern armchair to enhance the contemporary design of it.


Modern side table by Patricia Urquiola

Look at this multicolored table that sparks with creativity and magic! Although it is made of transparent glass, the different tones are still visible and are the main point of this ethereal creation by a well-known interior and furniture designer Patricia Urquiola.


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Console Table GIF Boca do Lobo


Side tables by Paira

Created by a marble furniture brand, this modern side table will become that centerpiece in your place. It will capture everyone’s attention thanks to its glossy unparalleled marble finish as well as a black wooden top that also contributes to the luxury and sophisticated look. What a striking and exquisite item!

When a modern design is combined with the artful use of precious materials, the result becomes a piece that is definitely worth being added to your home decor ideas! This table, for instance, is a perfect example of minimalistic style yet refined elegance.


Modern side table by Studio Nove3

A versatile silhouette, noble materials that contrast with each other, and delicate shape will induce you to pay careful attention to this refined side table.


Modern side table by Pinetti

Handcrafted and available in different sizes and colors, such a unique table will be a wonderful addition to any interior.


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