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Everything You Need to Know About Art Basel

Art Basel is a for-profit collection of world-leading shows that takes place in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami. The idea is to connect collectors, art galleries, and artists and act as a driving force in support of galleries and nurturing the careers of artists. Although it is not directly related with bedroom decor, home decor or contemporary design, it features plenty of exclusive brands and it celebrates art, so Master Bedroom Ideas is here to tell you everything you need to know about this incredible event.

Everything You Need to Know About Art Basel

Everything You Need to Know About Art Basel

It is the largest art event, sometimes known as the Olympics of the art world. It takes place in two main cities of three different continents, gathering around artists, art lovers, investors and many more visitors with various interests.

Art Basel is an all-encompassing art exhibition, not only does it provide a space for international artists to exhibit their work, it also doesn’t place limits on the type of artwork shown. So it doesn’t really matter what you are into, on this art event you get to see anything you want, from paintings, sculpture, prints, mixed media, installations and much more.

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Art Basel has a partnership with Kickstarter, called the Crowdfunding Initiative, which provides visibility and support for projects from global non-profit organisations. These projects may be about all kinds of art, education-related programs, social awareness and artists residencies, etc. The main goal here is to help those who live from and for the art.

Art Basel  helps emerging artists with financial and creative support. Sponsored by BMW, the BMW Art Journey Award is a grant that supports emerging creatives, giving them a chance to embark on their own, personally planned artistic journey. The winning artists, who are selected twice a year, can sojourn to a destination of their choosing, to explore new ideas, themes and to create new work. The lucky artists are chosen from a shortlist of three finalists decided upon at the Art Basel shows in Hong Kong and Miami.

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Source: The Culture Trip

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