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New Top Trends for Master Bedroom

New top trends for master bedrooms

Bedrooms have always been about sleeping, but they are a personal retreat, where worries recede and serenity is a welcome luxury. Looking at rooms from our house tours and beyond, it’s clear that people seek a restful, cozy environment that doesn’t overwhelm with flash and sparkle, but is also far from boring. The modern bedroom strikes that balance.

Texture has been a huge story in design in general, and we especially see it on statement walls behind the headboard. It’s one more added layer that adds visual interest to the room — especially when there isn’t a lot of color.

trends for master bedrooms

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Bedrooms are the perfect spot to go dark and create a sleeping cave to nestle into at night. We’ve seen this moody look in other rooms as well, but it makes particular sense here.

trends for master bedrooms

Negative space brings much-needed calm to bedrooms. When you achieve the perfect amount of furniture, art and accessories, it feels sophisticated and exciting but not so full that it feels overwhelming or like the walls are closing in.

trends for master bedrooms

Where once there were boring boob lights, or chandeliers in the dining room only, there’s now form and function found in every room in the house. Bedroom lighting is well-chosen. If you are on a budget, lighting is great place to get big bang for your buck. In a minimalist setting especially, even simple fixtures stand out.

Trends for Master Bedroom

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