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Perfect Bedroom Rugs For Your Master Bedroom Design

Charismatic, distinctive and captivating character. These are the three characteristics your bedroom rugs must have. Every luxury master bedroom needs an elegant rug, take a look at some of the best bedroom rugs that we selected to you and fall in love by these amazing masterpieces.

Sistine Rug

A tribute to Michael Angelo and his works of art, the Sistine rug, reinterprets his aesthetic and style according to the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle of the twenty-first century. One of the best rugs design that you should keep in mind for your master bedroom ideas.

Enz Rug

Enz rectangular rug is made in hand-tufted tencel and was inspired by the breath-taking richness of the Black Forest and its natural resources.

Himba Rug

Himba is a southern Angola tribe, who lives in a land isolated by deserts and mountains and dresses in strictly traditional ways. Himba is famous for their beautiful women painted with ochre and long tresses wrapped in red clay. A strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your bedroom the warm sensations of Africa.

Pantheon Rug

Those who love sculptural and timeless art, who love history and the stories that remain in time, must certainly love Italy. This enchanting rug created by Boca do Lobo was inspired by the Roman pantheon and the duomo’s oculus. It gives way to a flood of light, as abundant and magnificent that makes you feel alive. This freedom is the feeling Pantheon rug transmits; an authentic art piece with a luxury design, perfect for your bedroom design.

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Gobi Rug

Gobi, is known for its hardest arid conditions and is the largest and driest desert on Asia, bounded by Mongolian and Chinese mountain to all sides. Gobi hand-tufted tencel rug depicts the extreme and opposite conditions that occur in this desert through its dark grey and sandy tones, applied in irregular but incisive shapes.

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Poseidon Rug

Poseidon, god of the seas, is also known in the Greek mythology for creating the first horse, Pegasus. In fact, the poetic imagination of the Greeks compared waves to horses, because of their speed and strength. The mythological standard in this rug takes us back to ancient Greece, with the mixture of shapes and patterns standing out in alluring shades of brown. Perfect for the most daring interior design and environments.


Carytical Rug

This enchanting rug was inspired by the Roman carytical and the duomo’s oculus. It gives way to a flood of light, as abundant and magnificent that makes you feel alive. Due to his design and inspiration, it’s perfect when combined with some luxury furniture on your master bedroom.

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Baltic Rug

The Baltic Sea, located in Scandinavia, has several water types and different blue shades that compose it. Baltic rug really embodies the essence of the Baltic Sea, having a blue colour gradient. This versatile design rug is a harmonious piece that simultaneously transmits the strength of the sea and the softness of the blue colour. BALTIC Rug will bring nature and fierceness to your home décor.

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Inuk Rug

The Inuk rug, hand-tufted tencel, reflects their lifestyle and the clothing that protects them: the motifs resembling a beautiful brown, black and white cover that make you travel to the coldest places on Earth and still feel warm and comfortable.

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Yupik Rug

The Yupik are a group of indigenous people Alaska. Traditionally, the families spent spring and summer time at fishing camps, and then joined with others at village sites for the winter. The travel to search for food and the resistance to cold weather of this people are represented on the Yupik hand-tufted dyed wool rug, like the routes that they have taken for all these years.





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