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Tips to Create the Perfect Tiny Bedroom in Your Studio

While designing small spaces, space can be the enemy, the limiting factor affecting everything you can do. But every limit imposed can be an opportunity for you to push yourself and your imagination even further, and even if you have a studio flat, there are plenty of apartment interior design tricks and tips for you to create the perfect tiny bedroom in your studio.

Today we at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog will be giving you some tips and inspirations for you to enhance your apartment studio design with fresh room ideas that will create tiny bedrooms where there were none. After all, it’s not the space a the room that matters, it’s how you use it.

1. There is no show without Curtains

tiny bedroom

tiny bedroom design

When designing tiny bedrooms there are two main philosophies, one that says that any separator is a waste of space and therefore you should focus on designing without any kind of division, and another that prefers to have everything in its place with creative divisions. Curtains belong in the middle, serving as a fluid separator that you can adapt to your everyday needs and are especially useful in tiny bedroom design.

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2. Bookcases are winners.

When there are no walls, bookcases can serve as the perfect mixture between storage and division, creating both tiny bedroom area and a useful place for you to store your items. If you think about it, it doesn’t even take any space for everything you put there would have needed to be placed somewhere else. Place the bookcases on your studio flat strategically and you will have a winner.

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3. Use your Imagination

There is never one right way to do things, so be creative in your designs and don’t yourself be limited. Turn the lack of space into a friend and work with it, and most of all: have fun!

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