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10 Phenomenal Industrial Bedroom Designs

Industrial interior design is all about raw finishes, rough textures and unpolished woods with a strong presence of metallic tones that give your master bedroom a harsh, primitive touch. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas blog we bring you a selection of phenomenal Industrial Bedroom Designs that will inspire you if you want to pursue this trendy look.

Furs, wooden floor tiling and wall lamps provide a mixture of industrial influences topped by Boca do Lobo’s avant-garde Diamond Nightstand on this industrial bedroom design with a twist.

Rough walls that contrast with the neatly arranged oriental floor pattern. The overall composition is highlighted by the golden accents of the nightstand and lighting in this design by Essential Home.

Who said industrial bedroom design couldn’t be romantic? This stunning design makes you wonder about who lives there, all the books and paintings mix with the sleazy floor textiles and brick walls. Very inspiring.

gray bedroom designWorn out floor and walls contrast with the sleek modern lines of bed, rug, and nightstands on this contemporary industrial bedroom design.

Neatly arranged industrial bedroom design with an overload of elements that surprisingly combine. A risky design that could easily go wrong.

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Continuing the trend of the last design, a lot of elements combine with a magnificent leather bed.

This sequence of two industrial bedroom designs combines the same simplistic reclaimed wooden beds with the red tones of the brick walls. Overall two masterful industrial bedroom designs.

industrial bedroom
This design presents most of the industrial bedroom influences talked before, with the addition of some vintage themed pieces that add to the white-painted bricks and metal structures.

Boca do Lobo’s room design at hotel Infante Sagres, in Portugal, featuring pieces such as the Carved Stool

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