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10 Restrained Master Bedroom Designs by Jan Showers

Jan Showers earned once again a well-deserved spot on Architectural Digest’s AD100 list for 2018. This interior design firm has as their motto “Interior design is an art form that, if done properly, helps people live comfortably surrounded by beauty.”, and it’s impossible not to agree with that, for a well-designed house brings the kind of comfort that does really improve one’s life. So here at Master Bedroom Ideas we’re about to present you some of their beautiful and restrained master bedroom designs.

master bedroom design
A stunning navy blue bedroom inspiration where a gorgeous cream headboard meets blue textiles and a sublime table lamp lightens up the whole mood.

A master bedroom design that seems straight from a theatre, with the huge headboard combining with a pair of simple yet charming nightstands and a classic bedroom bench.

A warm bedroom design where brown and lime tones combine in this beautiful setting.

Flawless is the perfect word to describe this interior, with the grey stone walls blending with the cream furnishings and contemporary art that perfectly combines with the pillows and coffee table book. Nothing is left unthought in this master bedroom design.

The classical combination of starburst mirror with a canopy bed that royal feel to it. The magnificent chandelier and golden lines on the bedroom bench elevate this master bedroom design into something else.

Extraordinary use of patterns in a bedroom design that was fully upholstered with the same textiles. A mid-century modern sideboard and yellow table lamp complete the look.

Gorgeous master bedroom design dominated by black and white with a pop of color provided by the yolky color on the table lamps.

Gorgeous guest bedroom with clean and restrained tones plus a couple of jade nightstands.

A temple of elegance and restraint, this stunning bedroom design features relaxing light blue tones and excellent use of delicate furniture to create a character of its own.

Beautiful salmon master bedroom with a canopy bed falling on the same ideas as the last bedroom, using another color.

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