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Scandinavian Style Master Bedrooms

Scandinavian Style Master Bedrooms is all about being calm, pure, simple and functional. It’s about cleanliness, serenity and breathing. These elements are appealing in master bedrooms, which, above all rooms in a home, should inspire calm and relaxation. Here are some ideas to inspire from the Scandinavian style we love.

The main colours are neutral, such as beige, white and pale. However, it’s becoming more popular now to add in injections of color, such as grey, black and yellow.

scandinavian style master bedrooms

scandinavian style master bedrooms 2


Scandinavian furniture is simple, elegant. Basically, Scandinavian designs include lots of wood, this being the main material used. The furniture designs are usually streamlined without extra decorative additions.


scandinavian style master bedrooms 3

Traditionally, Scandinavian textiles tend to be simple cottons, often with naïve motifs. Choose a gingham design for that authentic look, especially in white and red, or white and blue, and use for curtains to allow light.




Keep curtains minimal, in pale colors and sheer fabrics. For indoor lighting, use several light sources instead of one. Place floor lamps and table lamps in various parts of the room to add different lighting levels.

Decorate your walls with framed photos of landscape such as the otherworldly lava fields, Norwegian fiords, or waterfalls on Iceland.


Choose light-colored hardwood floors to get authentic Scandinavian look. Paint the floor white and then add accents with stencils’. A floral or striped area rug can also help break the starkness and also add warmth to your floors.



Place mirrors all over the Scandinavian interior. The mirrors reflect light and produce sparkling effect. Floral window screen or room dividers add elegance to a Scandinavian design house.



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