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The Shocking Enignum Canopy Master Bed by Joseph Walsh

Welcome to the incredible world of Joseph Walsh! The Enignum Canopy Master Bed from the “Formations” collection is a contemporary poetry work from the wood master and is already stealing all the attentions. This recent work is a special vision of master beds and challenges the traditional perspective. A special project for special master bedroom decors.


The elegant design conveys elegance to the space and the natural simplicity and fluidity of the sand-colored wood is instantly relaxing.

The Shocking Enignum Canopy Master Bed by Joseph Walsh

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The Shocking Enignum Canopy Master Bed by Joseph Walsh

The bed design makes use of the natural elasticity of wood and bends to form an ethereal canopy, more like a whisper compared to the heavy traditional Victorian canopies.


It works into an opulent bedroom as well as in a light-flooded open space or an exotic veranda. Of a clear feminine shape, Enignum is amazingly elegant in spite being simple and natural.

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Joseph Walsh has been developing the Enignum series since he created a dining table with Todd Merrill’s New York-based Contemporary Studio in 2008. Composed by dining tables and chairs, this magic collection has now a new member: a stunning master bed that will be a great choice for dramatic and strong bedrooms.

Walsh sees furniture as “free form compositions” which is essentially designed as it is created. The entire Enignum series is made from ash, a pliable wood that is particularly suited to the manipulation process.


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