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10 Sleek Master Bedroom Ideas by Georgis & Mirgorodsky

An Architecture and interior design firm based in New York, Georgis & Mirgorodsky was founded by William T. Georgis in 1992, until in 2017 Ilya Mirgorodsky was made a partner. Their interior design style features a lot of color and exceptionally designed pieces, thus creating elegant interiors their clients enjoy and Architectural Digest deemed worthy of a prime spot on their Top AD list. Today we’ll be looking at how their aesthetic fits a modern master bedroom, so let’s dive into 10 Sleek Master Bedroom Ideas by Georgis & Mirgorodsky

A luxurious master bedroom design in tones of gold and cream with a beautiful furry armchair and sleek mid-century modern nightstand.

A stunning master bedroom design with a mirrored bed and charming fur blanket that meets the exquisite floor patterns. One of the best master bedroom ideas we’ve seen lately.

Gorgeous, contemporary and with a lot of character, with a bed seems to be made from latex.

Detail from a master bedroom where we can see a statue hanging over the curtains, contemplating a library.

Curious master bedroom ideas don’t come often, and this bedroom that features high-end wood with a pink blanket looks sharp and charming.

An elegant detail from a seaside master bedroom where brown tones meet the sea as a purple chair watches calmly the surrounding area.

One of the best rustic master bedroom ideas we’ve seen this year, and it features a green armchair, a sleek grey sofa-bed, and the charming worn wooden planks.

A soothing master bedroom in white and grey with two relaxing photos and tones of white and blue doing the rest of the work.

Still in the white and blue master bedroom ideas, this beautiful design seems like the interior of a cloud, and it boasts a beautiful fluffy rug plus a photo hanging over the bed.

master bedroom ideasLet’s end with this warm master bedroom idea with an armchair with fur, beautiful brown and white tones and a lit fireplace providing some necessary heat.


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