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Statement Lighting Pieces To Bright up Your Master Bedroom

Lighting for your master bedroom is something that must be chosen carefully. From a soothing light to a big chandelier, Master Bedroom Ideas will give you some tips on which are the best kind of lighting pieces for your bedroom decor.

In Andy Cohen’s Greenwich Village apartment, the shades on the vintage Pierre Giraudon green-resin nightstand lamps from John Salibello match the Ralph Lauren Home wallpaper in the master bedroom. Matching the lamps with the wallpaper is always a nice idea when you want a vintage and elegant design.

Bedside embedded lamps are a soothing choice and a practical one for your modern bedroom design. It will give just the light you need for a late night reading and will not take any space from your bedside table.

Art deco lighting is sophisticated and elegant, creating a luxurious environment. Golden finishes add glamour to your room design and are a timeless choice.

Statement Chandeliers To Light up Your Master Bedroom

In this luxurious Palm Springs home, the bed in the master bedroom, which features task lamps attached to the headboard, came with the house. Built-in task lamps are trendy and modern, perfect for your contemporary design.

Statement Chandeliers To Light up Your Master Bedroom

In this North Jersey home, the master bedroom’s reading light is by Stephen Miller Siegel and the vintage lamp bases are from Ruby Beets. Big bedroom lights, in this case they are table lamps, are the heart of this bedroom.

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You can create a theme by matching the color on the lamps with the color of the fabrics. This bedroom features a coral theme, with coral sophisticated lamps.

Here we have two different styles perfectly combined: furry bedside tables lamps for a classy and glamorous touch and a bubble bedroom chandelier for a more modern and futuristic look. Sometimes mixing styles can work out beautifully and this is the perfect example.

This aviation chandelier is the focal point of the room. This light fixture made from vintage airplane trusses is from Get Back Inc., and it is just marvellous.

Floor lamps are always a nice choice, they come in every shape, size and color wich makes it easy to adapt to your personal style.

This guest room in India features two metal pendants swinging from the exposed-beam ceiling. It gives an industrial touch to a modern decor.

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