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Statement Wallpapers To Revive Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom must have a connection between all the elements and sometimes that link is the wall. An accent wall can create the exact vibe you want to feel in the one that is the most intimate room of your home. Master Bedroom Ideas is all about getting the finest decor tips to upgrade your bedroom design and get the look you have been dreaming about!

Statement Wallpapers To Revive Your Master Bedroom

A warm modern bedroom with sepia-toned wallpaper and cantilevered table lamps by Laura Hodges Studio. It is an almost all masculine look with a feminine touch and it looks just perfect.

Statement Wallpapers To Revive Your Master Bedroom

This bedroom of a home in East Austin, Texas, by J. Fisher Interiors has a tropical vibe. The nightstand is just marvellous, an antique, appropriate for a vintage but contemporary design at the same time.

Statement Wallpapers To Revive Your Master Bedroom

A sweet, feminine bedroom by Maureen Stevens Design. It is modern and cozy with a trendy floral wallpaper.

A vintage bedside table contrasts with the modern pattern on the wall. A strong, bold look, that mixes styles and colors.

A bedroom in Beacon Hill, Boston, by Kristin Paton Interior makes a true statement because of its wallpaper that tells a story and is still very discrete.

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The bedroom of a waterfront home with lattice wallcovering by Amanda Webster Design, Inc.

A bedroom retreat in a Brooklyn loft by Current Interiors. It has a fresh look with an icy statement wallpaper.

A New Jersey summer home with plenty of style by Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC. A furry component brings everything together and creates an incredibly cute home decor.

Bohemian elements make this master bedroom in Chicago’s West Loop, by Centered by Design.

Mixing patterns requires a lot of focus and a very god taste, however when it is done with love and passion for design, the result is just amazing just like this bedroom by LKID.

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Source : Elle Decor

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