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The Studio Munge’s Most Incredible Master Bedroom Designs

Studio Munge was created by Italian exclusive designer Alessandro Munge’s 20 years of experience imagining and realizing an extraordinary interior design. Master Bedroom Ideas has selected some perfect examples of the simplicity and beauty of Studio Munge’s work.

The Studio Munge’s Most Incredible Master Bedroom Designs

Clean accents and simplicity are the key when speaking about Studio Munge’s bedroom design. A neutral palette makes this room design very soothing and calming.

The Studio Munge’s Most Incredible Master Bedroom Designs

Nightstands and table lamps of a more classic design bring sophistication to this master bedroom. Soft colors and modern furniture complete an already sophisticated room, with simple artwork.

Clean accents and golden finishes are sometimes the key to a perfect contemporary design. Dark wooden nightstands create a cosier ambience, with elegance and sophistication, completing that way a luxury design.

A beautiful headboard turns this design into something really special. Always keeping the simplicity but never stopping being unique, this design looks elegant and glamorous, with some golden accessories and finishes that transpire luxury design.

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This is a more minimal look, with some reading modern lamps embedded on the headboard to save space and clean accents on the nightstands. This is a well thought room that does not look to crowded creating a comfortable and safe space for one to let go of their problems and sleep tight.

When opting for a soft and neutral palette, this design studio though about giving the room a bit of joy and vibrance, by adding colorful artwork. The abstract pieces of art make a beautiful contrast with the freshness that comes from the simplicity of the furniture.

A marble nightstand with a light blue vase bring a coastal touch to this room. The textiles have a discrete pattern of a sandy bege to complete the coastal look and it just seems perfect and calming.

Simple lamps and clean accents complete this room design. A beautiful bench is placed strategically near the window so one can enjoy the breathtaking view. This room is defined by modernism and comfort and it is stunning.

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