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Stunning Accent Walls To Make You Master Bedroom Design Unique

Your master bedroom is your most intimate place, where you can make your own bedroom design and express your true personality and your true self. To express yourself you can always use accent walls, statement materials and finishes, a unique wall may be the key of the room and Master Bedroom Ideas brings you today some accent walls to inspire you.

Stunning Accent Walls To Make You Master Bedroom Design Unique

Stunning Accent Walls To Make You Master Bedroom Design Unique

This room design makes an immediate visual impact with rough textured concrete in a sharp geometric pattern, with oversized headboard panels above and below. The lighting fixtures by Tom Dixon create a more industrial look adding to the concrete nightstands.

Stunning Accent Walls To Make You Master Bedroom Design Unique

Cosmos pendant lamps flank each side of the bed and add a distinctively playful appeal adding a hot trend to this interior design. Neutral grays dominate the color palette, but the matte gray on the far wall contains strong hints of dark blueish-green. A little paint and primer can make diverse decor sets go together. The trick is to introduce a natural amount of variation, like the beige vase in this arrangement.

This bedroom uses layers of three different materials on the far headboard wall – the effect is calming and artful. Natural wood is a warm touch to a contemporary design with the glossy glass panel above providing a weightless and ethereal appearance sure to invoke pleasant dreams.

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Smooth plush-looking panels behind the bed bring a sophisticated look and somehow make it look really comfortable. This type of accent wall doesn’t require expensive materials, and as you can see from this excellent bedroom, an oversized like this one can add a tremendous amount of character and glamour to an otherwise simple space.

Here, In terms of concept, this accent wall is much simpler. Made of bricks and with a neutral palette, this wall is just perfect for an industrial design. The brick accent wall is painted in white but retains plenty of characteristic texture.

Geometric patterns create a language of expression in this attractive bedroom. The centered headboard is especially interesting – a variety of painted and unpainted boards come together at matched and unmatched points.

This is an overall white room, however this accent wall with a bold pattern turns this bedroom design into something perfect and unique. The wood used here has a very fine and distinct grain and heightens the luxury of the panels. Modern furniture also made of wood create a minimalistic room and very elegant.

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