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10 Stylish And Modern Bedroom Projects By Marco Piva

Supreme. Unique. Striking. Marco Piva is one of the best interior designers on the planet and his bedroom design projects are more than these three characteristics. Piva creates with passion, sophistication, and innovation – these contemporary bedrooms feature modern furniture pieces with a unique design and are a true symbol of luxury lifestyle: Do you want to discover these design masterpieces? We offer to you a remarkable selection of modern bedroom design projects and concepts by Marco Piva.

Marco Piva is one of the top interior designers who work in the fields of architecture, master planning, interior, and industrial design. The Italian architect and interior designer is deeply interested in material research and technology, and how to apply these elements in a way that informs the interaction people have with his spatial volumes. These marvelous and modern bedroom design projects by Marco Piva are pure creative works where luxury and sophistication are the principal actors.

10 Stylish And Modern Bedroom Projects By Marco Piva

As a traveler and a designer, an innovator who is educated in rational approaches, Marco Piva is presently one of the world’s top references regarding Italian design and architecture. In all these luxury bedroom design projects created by him, his main goal is to combine expensive hotels’ requirements, internationally oriented, keeping the key brand elements of a city like Milan: style, fashion, and design.


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“Our Studio Develops Its Activities Starting First From The “Background” Of A Specific Territory If We Talk About Master Planning, Of A Specific Character Of The Surrounding City If Is An Architecture, Of The Mean Of A New Product If Is The Case Of A Piece Of Industrial Design.”

Marco Piva 

Exciting, fluid, functional: three characteristics that define the design language of Marco Piva. During the ’80s, the Italian designer founded his own design studio Studio Marco Piva – whose work ranges from large projects to architectural interior design, to industrial design. Besides being an amazing interior designer, his developed architectural unique design is inspired by a complex where the historical building, fully restored, is joined to a new contemporary designed building. These striking bedroom interiors were made by him and by his design studio.

Architecture, Interior, And Product Design Merge In An Asynchronous Process To Reach A Unitary Work, That Assures Continuity And Fluidity Of Language In Both Stylistic And Functional Terms. I Feel Like A “Director Of An Orchestra”, Where Music ”The Project” Is Conceived Creatively. That’s What I Love Most Of My Job.”

Marco Piva


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