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Summer Trends for your Master Bedroom

Summer asks for change in your interior design. You master bedroom is the area where you can relax and let go of your daily problems for a good night of sleep. Master Bedroom Ideas brings you the the summer trends you should look up to.

Dark Colors

Summer Trends for your Master Bedroom

Summer Trends for your Master BedroomBe bold! Strong colors are super in, a dark palette with green, blue, red or yellow gives some life to the bedroom design. You can opt for those colors on the wall or on the cushions, pillows and blankets. My suggestion is to use nice patterns on the accessories and textiles, different patterns and colors.


Praise the imperfections

Summer Trends for your Master Bedroom

Summer Trends for your Master BedroomYour walls do not need perfection, with clean colors and accents. You can go a bit industrial since uniqueness is praised, same as imperfection. Use the cracks on your wall as a type of bedroom decor. Do not paint your walls, just adjust the rest of your home decor to it.


Soft lighting

Summer Trends for your Master Bedroom

Summer Trends for your Master BedroomForget about strong bedside table lamps. Use soft pendant lights to create a better ambience. Soft lighting is super romantic, relaxing and elegant and it is a super trend for the summer 2018.  It works perfectly on a contemporary design although it can be adjusted to any kind of style.

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Statement carpet

With a unique pattern, a carpet can actually be the statement piece on your room design. Strong colors, tropical and geometrical patterns are a trend for this summer. Imagine all that together on a carpet, could it be trendier?


Woven furniture

This creates a more casual atmosphere, incites a good and relaxing night of sleep and is perfect to let go of your daily problems. It is a fresh look, super trendy, original and easy to get if you are looking for a remodel without spending too much money.

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