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Summer Trends: Purple Bedrooms For a Stylish Room Design

When we talk about summer trends for 2018, purple is the color of the season! For that reason, Master Bedroom Ideas brings you today purple bedrooms that are just incredible, super trendy and elegant with a beautiful bedroom design.

New York-based designer Alexa Hampton chose a rich shade of aubergine/cabernet for her bedroom decor and the color really brings the space to life at night. Mixing a contemporary design with some classic and vintage accessories, this room design looks beautiful.

Purple is a very versatile colour since it works well with a myriad of unexpected colours and shades. For her own bedroom, Hampton chose both a rug and an antique textile for the bed in shades of orange and red.

Something you also need to know when decorating with purple is how much can you tolerate bold colors and knowing your aesthetic. That being said, sometimes you can use purple accessories like rugs and pillows, and other times it can be way too intense for you so you better use neutral tones on your decor.

A blue purple shade mixed with other colours create a unique design. You can act creatively and choose random colours and hope it works out!

A patterned purple element, whether it’s a wall covering or bedding, is a brilliant way to inject a bit of personality into a bedroom design scheme.

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For those who love drama, the walls are the perfect place to get creative with purple tones. Even though it may look feminine, dark purple on the walls create a mysterious atmosphere.

Having a hard time finding the exact purple hue for your bedroom? Go custom. This guest room in a light-filled bungalow on the Adriatic coast features a wall that was painted a custom color to match the bedcover, which was made from a West African kente cloth.

When you have a room design full of neutral colours and soft patterns, purple is a good way to go a bit wild and bring life to the room. It is also really romantic and helps creating the mood for a passionate night.

Since your bedroom is all about rest and relaxation, there needs to be a good balance with any shade of purple you choose. Mix some dark shades with soft ones to create the perfect balance.

Wherever your design sensibilities lie, know that it’s perfectly fine to adhere to the type of bedroom decor that makes you happy. Simple, modern, light colors and minimal design.

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Source: Elle Decor

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