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10 Sumptuous Luxury Hotel Room Designs

Let’s take a look at the blitz and glitz world of renowned luxury hotels, places of magic and whimsy where top dollar is matched by flawless quality and astounding interior design, for today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be looking at 10 Sumptuous Luxury Hotel Room Designs from some of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Amanyara Villa
luxury hotel room designs
Simply gorgeous. A luxury hotel room that is its own palace. This splendid master bedroom contains a wonderful view over the lake and perfect illumination that elevates it to a temple.

Burj Al Arab

The epitome of oriental luxury hotel rooms. Located in Dubai, this master bedroom features refined middle-eastern themes and is spectacularly decorated in a royal style.

Hilltop Estate

A more refreshing take on Luxury, this master bedroom features dark wooden flooring, beautiful modern rugs with a touch of blue and a magnificent, ultra-modern chandelier.

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Meydan Hotel

Gorgeous luxury hotel room with one of the most amazing flooring we’ve seen in a long time. Beautiful side tables, mirrored nightstands and a gorgeous side table complete this luxurious interior design.

Mandarin Oriental

Beautiful bedroom with gorgeous light blue rug, beautiful flowery blanket and an amazing view over Dubai. Everything works together in this design, as it looks luxurious without trying too hard.

St. Regis

Splendid bedroom design in white tones with a gorgeous purple sofa that stands out from the rest of the room. Only superb taste could achieve a master bedroom design like this.

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Shahi Mahal – Raj Palace

Glimmering bedroom design with lots of gold and red suitable to the most sumptuous palace.

Hotel Plaza Athénée

Glorious luxury hotel room design in cream and purple tones.

Very beautiful, serene and relaxing master bedroom where light wood and white tones go as far as the sea.

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