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10 Teen Girl Bedrooms Every Girl Would Wish For

Halfway between being princesses and young adults, teenage years are tough for both parents and teens alike, and when the struggle for independence gets real. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog we’ll be presenting a selection of teen girl bedrooms every girl would wish for, that is, before they go to high school and turn everything around.

Charming design with the Nymph Chandelier by Koket great for both the teen girl and an adult’s inner child.

This is the kind of room design for a teen girl that we’ve seen countless times in doll houses. While it’s tempting to go this route, eventually she will grow tired of her girls room.

kiss inspired teen girl design
Kiss inspired teen girl bedroom design. After all, a kiss is still a kiss.

light pink design tones bedroom
Very light design in pink tones that just beg for a quick nap.

dark tones pink bedroom design
Toned down Princess bedroom that while being a bit heavy has a strong conceptual basis in terms of interior design.

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teen girl design for princess
A pretty room design for teen girl that she’ll love even when she grows older.

teen girl design with a swingLight and unpretentious room design with a bubbly swing.

teen girl bedrooms
Interior design with a round wall of curtains that creates an exclusive space inside the bedroom.

teen girl bedroom design pink tones
Cozy teen girl bedroom design where pink tones dominate the overall space. Not the most original, but still pretty.

teen girl bedroom blueBeautiful fantasy teens room with the youthful wall paint and drawings in perfect harmony with the bed textiles.

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