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Top Design Ideas for Luxurious Master Bedrooms

Today we’ll be going through a luxurious selection of Master Bedroom designs by some of the best luxury furniture brands right now. Meticulously selected bedrooms with amazing pieces that will inspire you to pursue the best of the best in luxury design, so without further ado, let’s go.

The Diamond, from the ancient greek term “unbreakable”, is inspired by precious stones and their discreet, yet powerful nature. Developed from one of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic designs, the Diamond Nightstand is ready to accommodate any bedside essentials, bringing real personality to the master bedroom.

The Frank Nightstand comes directly out of a surreal world, a dream, taking on a variety on a variety of luxurious finishes. This exceptional master bedroom nightstand features some of Boca do Lobo’s finest veneers, and design details and the unique clash of aesthetics and tones maintains practicality in any master bedroom.

master bedroom
The Koi side table by BRABBU and It’s natural color mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like the KOI screen that you can use to create a better sense of space division in your master bedroom.

master bedroom
Reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of blacks ‐ the Konstantin Side Table truly embodies what an Essential Home piece is, an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. This side table features a brown glass top with a gold trim and a gold plated tray to add up to its functionality. Four neat gold plated and glossy black legs are firmly kept in place by a set of brass tubes.

Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny table lamp by Delightful came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling. With a marble base and a shiny design, it will suit just perfectly your dining table or living room. Composed by geometric golden tubes, it reflects the sophistication of a timeless iconic piece.

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master bedroom
This eccentric side table is almost a geometric impossibility. Jacobsen honors a clean design approach, the same used by Arne himself. Black and white marble set a contrast that challenges the eye with its textures. The inside is visibly hollow and polished, making this marble piece lighter and even more visually stunning. It is reversible and finished with a polished brass top. A true conversation starter for your living room.

BRABBU’s endless desire to discover cultures from all around the world led our designers to Myanmar, in Asia, to create the KAYAN mirror, named after a tribe. Kayan women are known for using neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck, appearing to lengthen it. Traditionally made in aged brushed brass, KAYAN mirror is the perfect complement for creating an exotic home.

The geometric design and exotic finishes of the Opium cabinet fits any master bedroom and will seduce you into a euphoric haze. Decadent, shimmering and natural leathers adorn the four front doors, while sleek and glossy lacquer covers the body. Peek inside to discover four drawers and two glass shelves.

Turner family is getting bigger but the inspiration is the same and is still an instant eye-catcher for your next project. Tina Turner’s dance moves inspired the rotating arcs for you to create your favorite composition. It is a classy choice with a mid-century design.

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