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Top Savoir Beds For Your Master Bedroom

Sleep is fundamental for your wellbeing. Selecting the appropriate bed for your Master Bedroom is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Today we will talk about the Savoir Beds, a compromise between comfort and style.

In 1905, Savoir beds began at The Savoy, the first hotel of luxury of London. Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe, were some of the famous who have slept in these beds that turned into a legend for your comfort cloud among the stars sleep in them.

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Hand-crafted in London and Cardiff, using the finest natural materials every mattress, from springs, headboard and topper, it’s tailored, made by an artisan for a client.
Savoir beds ensure that each client receives the correct support.

Luxury lifestyle

Every Savoir bed is designed to look gorgeous, like a fabulous feeling. Headboards, legs, fabrics are tailored to your style needs. These beds can be custom made to grace old bed frames, super yachts or private jets.

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In 1924 the Savoy Hotel bought James Edwards Limited. At the time, the beds were made in a workshop that became known as the Savoy Bedworks, which is located close to London’s theatre land.

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In 2001, Savoir Beds opened its first showroom in London’s Wigmore Street. In 1999 Savoir Beds became a member of Walpole, the not-for-profit organisation that furthers the interests of the British luxury industry by harnessing and sharing the collective knowledge, experience and resources of the membership.

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By 2012, Savoir Beds had showrooms in major cities worldwide, including London, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Paris, Nice, Stockholm, New York, Shanghai and Beijing. It also has a concession in Harrods. In June 2012 Savoir Beds opened a second bedworks in Treforest, South Wales.

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