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10 Transitional Style Bedroom Designs by Timothy Whealon

Let’s take a look at a selection Transitional Style bedroom designs, a style that’s defined as a mixture of genres that doesn’t go too low neither goes too high. One of the best practitioners of the style is the interior designer Timothy Whealon, a renowned artist in his own right by the way he mixes furnishings and styles. Without further ado, let’s dive into 10 Transitional Style Bedroom Designs by Timothy Whealon

A gorgeous bedroom design in Transitional style with a beautiful upholstered bed with stunning geometric patterns and a gorgeous pair of European-style vases between the bedroom bench.

Again Timothy shows his preference for Canopy Beds, this time mixed with a stripy rug and a stunning mid-century modern floor lamp.

A bright bedroom design and yet another canopy bed. Blue and salmon tones blend with vibrant green.

A charming contemporary bedroom design with a stunning headboard whose textures match those of the mattress. A pair of round fat table lamps that blend with the art over the bed complete the look.

A shimmering white bedroom design with a few purple details here and there that provide some much-needed color to this transitional style bedroom.

Beautiful detail of a bedroom design in white and navy blue with charming round lamps, beautiful patterns on the mattress and bedroom bench and gorgeous curtains in vibrant blue.

A gorgeous bedroom design with antique furniture, beautiful colors and a charming canopy bed.

Beautiful bedroom design that seems straight from the sea. The blue water painted walls are perfect matching with the round bedroom sofa and delightful grey bed.

A gorgeous red and white bedroom design where the red tones vibrate, highlighting the purity of the white color.

bedroom designA gorgeous bedroom design with a glimpse of beige and a furry carpet. Breakfast has just been served over the bedroom bench, and that’s a beautiful image to end this article.

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