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10 Transitional Style Bedrooms by Famous Interior Designers

Transitional style is defined by mixing traditional and modern elements to construct a cohesive interior. It’s not too modern, nor too rustic, it’s not too colorful, nor it is too monotonic, and has an interior design style what defines is this approach of subtle restraint. To help you achieve this look for your master bedroom, we’ve decided to show you with 10 Transitional Style Bedrooms by Famous Interior Designers. Enjoy!

A transitional bedroom design by Drew McGukin with a notorious mixture of influences, with a mid-century chandelier, a fireplace, cream curtains and late 19th-century ceiling details.

A colorful bedroom design by Emily Summers that proves that a transitional master bedroom can also have its pop of color. Here we can see some contemporary art that goes from the painting to the pillows, together with a worn nightstand.

Sleek master bedroom by Huniford design studio where a strong, raw headboard embeds a contemporary nightstand and… wait, are those candles? There’s a certain gothic vibe to all this, but it’s very charming nonetheless.

A transitional style bedroom by Drake/Anderon where gray concrete tones dominate the overall space together with contemporary art.

Another of Huniford’s design studios master bedrooms, this time with more contemporary notes that are broken by the charming chandeliers

A gorgeous transitional bedroom by Jeff Andrews where cream tones are mixed with oriental influenced pendant lamps and a patterned rug. Over the bed, an oversized scarf.

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Another transitional style composition by Jeff Andrews, where we can see his love for oversized clothing pieces as rugs. Gorgeous pendant lamps that follow the painting and a beautiful suede bedroom bench finish the look.

A master bedroom design by Lichten Craig that blends oriental and western influences with a couple of mirrored nightstands orientally inspired wallpaper and pendant lamps that seem out of this world.

Gorgeous bedroom design by Susan Thornton where a gorgeous vintage nightstand and sleek mid-century wall lamp meet a contemporary bed and golden starburst mirror.

transitional styleGorgeous blue bedroom design by Susan Thornton where the floral patterns go from the wall to the bed, that has a gorgeous polka-ish dot pattern. The table lamp is absolutely stunning.

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