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Wild Bedroom Inspiration with John Barman

John Barman is one of those offbeat kinds of interior designers whose interiors need to be seen to be believed, with use of bright colors, great contrasts and an exquisite placement of statement pieces that need a superior taste to be accomplished, making him one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers in 2017. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be presenting some Wild Bedroom Inspiration by John Barman:

bedroom inspiration
Stunning bedroom design in white and blue with a gorgeous effect from the mirrored nightstand, plus flowery patterns on bed and chairs. The painting provides a touch of romance.

Another blue bedroom inspiration featuring an intricate wallpaper design plus a beautiful floral nightstand and elegant bedroom bench.

Stunning minimalistic bedroom design with a  colorful rug that reminds of Matisse plus a beautiful painting over the sideboard and a wonderful sea view.

Stunning navy blue bedroom design in blue and white.

A fantastic black and white bedroom design where different style items are able to combine in perfect harmony. A round nightstand, gorgeous table lamps, and upholstered bed finish.

Warm bedroom inspiration with a tribal vibe to it.

Stunning bedroom in latte cream and blue with a magnificent headboard plus a couple of wavy nightstands and elegant jade table lamps.

Purple is an unexpected color to place in a bedroom, and here we can see it combined flawlessly with a couple of nightstands and wall illustrations.

A stunning canopy bed in blue and yellow with gorgeous details and beautifully sculptured poles.

bedroom inspirationGorgeous layers with a yellow bed design to finish this stunning tour through John Barman’s bedroom designs.

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