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Wonderful Color Combinations for Your Bedroom Interior

Monotonous bedroom interior is a simple and classic idea. However, if you want to brighten up your place, you could consider mixing different colors. We will help you with that by reviewing some of the most successful color combinations for your master bedroom design. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you for new interior solutions.


Turquoise and grey

Grey can sometimes be too conventional but when used with bright accents, it can open up in a new way. Just find the right balance in the amount of color inclusion, and you will create a perfect haven.


Black and white bedroom interior

Classic and popular, this combination is never out of trends. Choose exquisite modern furniture or add interesting home décor ideas to decrease the feeling of right and strict that could be conveyed through black and white bedroom colors.


Green and orange bedroom interior

bedroom interior

Green and orange tones will embrace you with a warm atmosphere. Moreover, they seem to be welcoming soft touch of nature by resembling hot midday sun and freshly cut grass.


Pastel colors

If you are not ready to mix saturated colors, consider pastel tones. They are easier to combine and will look softer. This interior by Kelly Wearstler is an example of skillful and appealing bedroom colors combination. The calm tones also allow you to highlight the beauty of each furniture piece, such as this modern bed that we totally adore!


White and gold

For sophisticated and luxury interior admirers, gold and white bedroom will be a perfect option. The exquisiteness of this room is also intensified through curved corners and textured surfaces.


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Cabinets Boca do Lobo


Blue and brown bedroom interior

Look how differently these two colors can be applied – dark or lighter mood, showing various styles and conveying different emotions. One of the interior design ideas that we noticed and would recommend considering is cushions with a matching print that is repeated on other interior details as well.


Yellow and green bedroom interior

We are not sure what we love more here – contemporary design of the room or the delicate mix of yellow and green. In any case, this can become a nice inspiration for your bedroom interior.


Pink and grey

More suitable for modern interiors, this combination can add some softness and delicacy to your place.


Green and red bedroom interior

Last but not least, green and red will be a wonderful choice for those who want some sophistication and are brave enough for saturated colors. Dare to stand out with your master bedroom design!


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