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Design Inspiration – Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Wood Walls In The Bedroom might seem like there aren’t many ways to innovate anymore – at least not without embracing something completely outside the comfort zone of most decorators. This post hopes to challenge that concept by introducing eleven bedrooms that use creative wood walls to their advantage while remaining perfectly approachable at the same time.

Whether you’re interested in textural wall panels, sleek contemporary designs, or something with a more traditional influence, this post should have something to inspire your next big renovation.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

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Romantic staging brings out the atmospheric potential of wood cladding in the bedroom. While many designers prefer varied or knotty wood varieties, this space makes good use of smooth rich tones that blend seamlessly.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Smart backlighting only enhances the effect, while the woven side table pendants offer a touch of contrast for a more organic appearance.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

In fact, mood lighting can completely change the attitude of any material.

It’s hard to ignore the dynamic influence the lighting has over the headboard as well. Textural materials absolutely relish the interplay between shadow and light.

This next bedroom does embrace the variety of natural wood tones. Waves alternate between chocolate and honey. The sense of contrast and vertical alignment guide the eye toward the more decorative headboard wall and bed arrangement.

Blue-tinted geometric prints are a fundamental opposite to the wood cladding – it’s a striking effect.

It’s easy for floors to steal the thunder from wooden walls, but this desaturated choice ensures the emphasis remains where it belongs.

Glossy wood walls are not a common choice, but it’s an effective and unique way to highlight the more translucent qualities of amber-toned varieties.

White cabinetry continues the glossy theme without flaw. The good news is that a highly polished wood finish would look just as lovely next to matte materials as it does other glossy selections.

Moving on from the wood elements, this director’s clapperboard alarm clock is a fabulous touch.

The headboard wall yields to reveal a spacious closet. The transition looks seamless from every angle.

A light wood desk and dark molded chair complement the wall panels perfectly. Enjoying a wide range of furniture is much easier when the room is based on a mixed palette.

If you thought high-gloss wood was risky, just remember how successful white gloss surfaces have been these past few years. It’s all about the effect.

Designing a uniquely modern interior with such a traditional material requires a strong dose of creativity – and this bedroom has it. Industrial-inspired elements like the ceiling panels capture the eye with urban influence, while the variety of wood tones instills a more casual and classic aesthetic.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Headboard walls are always a great candidate for innovation. These vertical panels make a good match with the horizontal panels of the headboard proper.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Note the variety of tones found in the ceiling: black, gold, umber, russet, and more. It pulls together the varied shades found throughout the room.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

The bed and central rug punctuate the room with a central oasis of relaxing teal and grey.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

If you thought the previous bedrooms made great use of texture, check out this extremely creative application. White light catches the boards from above, while warmer tones from the pendants illuminate from below.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Matching wall-mounted side tables almost appear to float thanks to the voids behind them. It’s an interesting concept that does require some planning and construction, but it’s an unforgettable look.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Many people are afraid to go with traditional wood tones in a cool-themed room because of its inherent warmth but this bedroom demonstrates how the right color proportion can change the effect of any accent. The wood offers a subtle contrast that helps the otherwise subtle greys pop out to great effect.

Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Do you live in a hot climate? Cool tones soothe the eye and the soul. Next to the blues, even the grey elements look frosty and comfortable. But what about cold climates? In this case, the blues become part of a nature-inspired palette.

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