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10 Nightstands That Stand Out By Boca Do Lobo

Arguably one of the most underestimated pieces in modern room design, and more specifically in master bedroom design, a bold nightstand can be the addition you need to make your master bedroom stand out, for the small details are often those that matter the most and bedside tables will often make or break your bedroom. Allow me to inspire you as we go through some gorgeous nightstands by Portuguese exclusive brand Boca do Lobo. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Crochet Nightstand Boca do LoboBoca do Lobo’s Crochet Nightstand is a one of a kind piece made in wood and adorned with gold leaf through a traditional knitting technique.

The Frank Nightstand by Boca do Lobo contains a set of 4 drawers and finished in gold plated brass.

Guggenheim Nightstand features a gorgeous print hand-crafted from mahogany wood.

The Lapiaz Nightstand was inspired by the dissolution of soluble rocks and it’s rich colors and amazing design features make it a stand-out piece, even by the brand’s standards.

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The Pixel Nightstand is a digital update to classical furniture, embracing both real and virtual.

The Sinuous Nightstand is characterized by its luscious curves and sleek gold plate finish.

Inspired by the great composers of old, the Symphony Nightstand is able to fill any master bedroom with its music.

This sleek, charming fellow is the Tower Nightstand and its asymmetrical design adds extra depth to any bedroom.

The Wave Nightstand is a luxurious piece made in wood and finished with hammered copper. Specially effective when used in bi-chromatic bedrooms.

As a bonus, here’s the TAMARA Nightstand by Koket, A provocative vintage piece dripping of Art Deco decadence.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our brief tour through some of Boca do Lobo’s nightstands. We’ll be back tomorrow with more Master Bedroom related articles, goodbye!

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